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The Art of Complexity



The Art of Complexity:
The Art of Complexity is an abstract piece that aims to make the viewer feel uneasy, knowing they have no control over what they are seeing. Through that discomfort, Ritchie hopes that viewers go on a mental exploration to find something tangible that they can gravitate to for understanding. When Ritchie looks at The Art of Complexity, he gets excited because the work’s meanings are endless. There is always something new to discover when looking at the artwork.


Symbolic Value:

The Art of Complexity symbolizes the beauty of intricacy. Viewers will notice how looking at the piece inspires exploration. Like all things complex, only the dedicated will ever find answers.



Ritchie’s last two pieces were a bit literal, so he wanted to create something more abstract. He did not want this work to be so readily defined.






Ritchie worked on this piece in conjunction with Damaged Goods between 2018 and 2021. Over that time, he produced two beautiful children, became a homeowner, and began several new business ventures.


Story Behind:

Ritchie’s last two pieces were graphite, and he wanted to complete the trilogy before moving to a new medium.



Ritchie worked on this piece in his office.



Ritchie hopes that people gaze at the work for hours, wondering just what in the world is going on. That is usually Ritchie’s goal when making art.



This work was created during the periods of 2018 and 2021. During that time, Donald Trump was impeached and acquitted twice, Ahmaud Arbery was killed while jogging, and vaccine mandates were issued. Yes, working on this piece helped take Ritchie’s mind away from the chaos happening in the world.

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